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What is Lighting Control?

Sometimes known as mood lighting, a lighting control system consists of a device that controls electric lighting and devices, alone or as part of a daylight harvesting system, for a public, commercial, or residential building or property, or the theater. Lighting control systems are used for working, aesthetic, and security illumination for interior, exterior, and landscape lighting, and theater stage lighting productions. They are often part of sustainable architecture and lighting design for integrated green building energy conservation programs.

Lighting control systems, with an embedded processor or industrial computer device, usually include one or more portable or mounted keypad or touchscreen console interfaces, and can include mobile phone operation. These control interfaces allow users the ability to remotely toggle (on-off) power to individual or groups of lights (and ceiling fans and other devices), operate dimmers, and pre-program space lighting levels.

Advantages of Lighting Control

A major advantage of a lighting control system over conventional individual switching is the ability to control any light, group of lights, or all lights in a building from a single user interface device. Any light or device can be controlled from any location. This ability to control multiple light sources from a user device allows complex "light scenes" to be created. A room may have multiple scenes available, each one created for different activities in the room. A lighting scene can create dramatic changes in atmosphere, for a residence or the stage, by a simple button press. In landscape design, in addition to landscape lighting, fountain pumps, water spa heating, swimming pool covers, motorized gates, and outdoor fireplace ignition; can be remotely or automatically controlled.

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What Home Automation can do:

  • Turning lights off and on automatically when it’s light or getting dark.
  • Opening and closing curtains or blinds remotely.
  • Timers that can switch appliances on and off automatically.
  • Motorised windows and garage doors that open and close at the flick of a switch.
  • Fingerprint recognition door locks.
  • Taps that turn themselves on remotely and then off before they overflow a sink or bath.
  • Fridges that re-order food when you run out.
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers.
  • Fire and carbon monoxide detectors that can set off sound or flashing alarms.

Intelligent systems

To begin to automate your home, you will need to think about installing an intelligent system. This normally consists of a main hub that is programmed to suit your requirements. It can be installed to control anything in your home from the lighting to entertainment systems, heating, appliances, and security and safety features.
These systems can also use remote access so you can dial in when you are away and get a TV programme recorded, or switch the oven or kettle on so it’s ready when you get home.

Depending on your budget, you can have a system like this that controls everything possible or you can have a system for each of the utilities, which you can add to over time.

Automation is about making life in the home easier and safer

For example, it is possible to have all your lighting automated so that when you arrive home the drive lights come on. Then you press a remote to open the garage door, which switches another light on. Once you’ve left your car, the lights show you the way to the front door. By the time you have unlocked it, the lights switch on as you move from room to room.

Smart audio-visuals

Alternatively, you can have your entertainment co-ordinated around the house with multi-room audio and visual. Music and TV can be downloaded from the internet and sent anywhere around the home, or to a hand-held device, such as an MP3 or 4 player.

A more elaborate system can play the same music, film or TV on monitors and speakers in every room (or allow you to choose different tracks, music or programmes for each room from a central set of controls). It can even be programmed to follow you via a detection system which notices when you move from place to place.

Or you might be tempted by an automated cinema room with a projector and screen that come down at the touch of a button, as well as lighting and blinds or curtains that adapt to your chosen settings.

Remote home automation

If you have a second home, or are away a lot, it may be worth considering improving your home to increase security, ensure your garden is always well watered and that in freezing weather, you can turn on the heating to avoid burst pipes.

This technology works by installing software on your mobile phone to access appliances in the home. If you have a security system that alerts you to someone ringing the doorbell or trying to get into your home, you can tune into the security camera and see what’s happening. So you know whether it’s a false alarm or time to call the police.

Alternatively you can access your control systems from the internet. Typically the networking software installed in your home allows you to operate the systems from a website.

Lighting Control and Automation

The lighting specialists

At Infinite Lighting we design and produce an exciting range of electronic control systems, dimmers, LED drivers and low voltage transformers for lighting professionals. Our products are user friendly, easy to install, simple to maintain and incredibly reliable. They are, quite literally, ‘fit and forget’ systems.

A fresh approach to lighting control

Because we believe in keeping things simple, we took a fresh approach and created unique electronic circuitry for lighting controls. Our entire product range of sophisticated scene setting systems and controls is based on this new technology that’s totally incorruptible and dependable.

Bright ideas

Resting on our laurels is not an option. We’re always researching new ideas and adding functions to our existing controls. Now we’ve focused our ideas and intelligence on powering LEDs and the LEDPowerPlant is a fantastic way to control this exciting light source, with all the reliability you expect from the creators of the legendary VoltMaster.

Bespoke designs

As lighting specialists we can work with you to develop your ideas, advise on specifications and installation, create customised solutions, help with project management and ensure best electrical practice. The end results will be exciting, innovative and economical to run and maintain.

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