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Energy Efficiency Loans from the Carbon Trust


We can help your business put cost-saving energy efficiency strategies into practice, with leases, loans, finance and implementation support to make energy efficiency easy.

Carbon Trust offers tailored expertise, knowledge and finance to help your organisation reduce energy costs and increase profits by implementing low carbon solutions.

Although the prospect of reduced energy bills is enticing, it can be difficult to raise the necessary investment funds to purchase and install new equipment.

Through the Carbon Trust Energy Efficiency Loans Scheme, small businesses throughout the United Kingdom can apply for interest-free loans to assist with purchase and installation of energy saving equipment.


Energy Efficiency Loans from the Carbon Trust (pdf format)

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As the pressure piles on to save energy, reduce carbon footprints and generally go as green as possible to save the planet, we all need to be able to advise customers on the best way to achieve energy efficiencies.


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