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Lighting Services

Infinite Lighting solutions offer a flexible range of lighting design services that can be tailored to your needs and budget including:

  • Designing lighting schemes for all, or parts, of your house or business - inside and out
  • Specifying the wiring and control infrastructure for new builds and refurbishments
  • Designing and commissioning lighting control systems
  • Coordinating with architects, builders, interior designers, and electricians
  • Specifying light fittings
  • Supplying light fittings
  • Preparing budgets
  • Designing, commissioning, and supplying custom light fittings
  • Advising on how to comply with the new Building Regulations for the use of low energy light fittings in new builds and refurbishments.

We can work from plans, sketches, photos, and where necessary or appropriate, make site visits anywhere in the world.

Level 2: Consultaion with a Lighting Designer

A lighting designer will visit you onsite, or use your detailed Architects drawings, to discuss with you your lighting needs room by room, make suggestions, and provide advice that will help you to determine how to light your rooms. This service is intended for anyone who is looking for help in creating their own lighting schemes but does not need a scheme created for them.

Level 3: Lighting Design

A lighting designer will visit you onsite, or use your detailed Architects drawings, to discuss with you your lighting needs room by room. We will then design a lighting scheme for each of your rooms, and provide a detailed proposal in writing, together with suitably marked-up floor plans. The proposed lighting schemes will be adapted and amended, for no extra fee, until you are entirely happy with them.

Level 4: Lighting & Design Project Management

In addition to the Level 3 Lighting Design services described above we will liaise with your Architect, Builder, and Electrician throughout the build to ensure everything proceeds as planned.

Level 5: Lighting Design & Lighting Control & Project Management

In addition to the Level 4 service, of Lighting Design and Project Management, we will also design, specify, and commission a lighting control system to go with the proposed lighting scheme. This control system may optionally include control of audio/visual, heating, blinds, gate control, security, and garden sprinkler systems.

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As the pressure piles on to save energy, reduce carbon footprints and generally go as green as possible to save the planet, we all need to be able to advise customers on the best way to achieve energy efficiencies.


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